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Risk-off sentiment sees Palladium posting 7.41% loss

As the current session draws to a close, Palladium remains in the $2,100 – $2,277.5 range after dropping 7.41%.

Palladium reached a significant high of $3,149 around 6 months ago but has lost 27.77% since then.

Palladium made an initial break below its 200 day Simple Moving Average at $2,128.82, a possible indication of a forthcoming negative trend. Price action remains constrained around the key Fibonacci level of $2,218 currently serving as support. If price action breaks below, the next Fib hurdle is $2,067.49.

Overall, the technical analysis landscape suggests that on the balance of probability, CME Palladium is expected to maintain its bearish bias.

Taking a look at other Metals commodities, negative performances are evident as after ending yesterday's session at $1,740.6, Gold lost $27.6 and is trading around $1,713. Silver is down to $19.32, losing 53.5 cents, after closing at $19.86 yesterday. Platinum is down $28.6 from the beginning of the session and now trades around $875.6.

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CME Palladium is slightly up to $2,263.5 extending bullish run

After closing at $2,256 today, the Palladium future began today at $2,333.5 with significant bullish sentiment driving the Palladium future's price action higher. So far today, price action has drawn out a distinct $2,202 to $2,339 range.

  • The Palladium future has gained $220.4 over the past 8 days, and today's session seems to be adding to the current uptrend.

Although up today, early price action saw Palladium dropping below its 3 day Simple Moving Average at $2,238.63 — an early indicator that a new downward trend could be emerging. Bollinger band analysis indicates that current price action is approaching the upper band at $2,307.48, thereby suggesting that the Palladium future is becoming overvalued.

Technical analysis suggests there could be an imminent reversal for CME Palladium.

A look at other Metals also shows upside as having closed the previous session at $3.5, Copper is up 1.23% today to currently trade at around $3.54. Having closed the previous session at $20.54, Silver is up 0.69% today to currently trade at around $20.68. Gold is up 0.24%.

The past 3 months have been positive for CME Palladium as it added 20.93% compared to its 3-month low of $1,593.

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Risk-off mood drags the Platinum future 0.33% lower

A quick look at Friday: down on the day: CME Platinum closed at $857.4 per troy ounce after ranging between $852.1 and $875.8.

  • Friday's fall came on the back of a 4 day uptrend, during which the Platinum future added 1.24% to its value

CME Platinum has recovered 6.79% since descending to a significant low of $805.5 around a month ago.

Platinum could begin to recover as it approaches significant support, now $9.67 away from $847.73. Dipping below could be an indication that further losses are ahead. Despite being in the red so far in the current trading session, the Platinum future peaked above its 21 day Simple Moving Average around $870.55 — typically an early indicator of a new bullish trend beginning to emerge.

Despite suffering losses in today's session, technical analysis is indicating that CME Platinum will undergo a significant bounce in the immediate term.

The Platinum future's value drop coincided with the fact that Palladium lost 1.9% Friday and closed at $2,211. Copper slumps 0.86% Friday and closed at $3.42.

Though CME Platinum has been dropping, other Metals have been performing better: Silver added 1.62% and closed around $18.71 Friday.

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Bullish sentiment helps propel the CME Silver future to 1.62% gain

A quick look at Friday: with a daily low of $18.75, CME Silver closed Friday at $19 per troy ounce, after ending Thursday at $18.71 and gaining 28.8 cents (1.62%).

  • Friday's gains added to the CME Silver future's 4 days uptrend, during which it increased a total of 37.5 cents.

6 months ago the CME Silver future reached a significant high of $26.89 but has consequently lost 30.4% since then.

Silver made an initial breakout above its 50 day Simple Moving Average at $19.18, a potential indicator of a newly emerging bullish phase. Having stamped out a session range of $18.75 to $19.3, Fibonacci-inclined Silver traders were highly concentrated around active Fibonacci resistance at $18.82.

Overall, looking at the technical analysis landscape, it seems CME Silver might continue pointing upwards in the short term.

Though the CME Silver future is going up, other Metals are underperforming — Palladium lost 1.9% Friday and closed at $2,211. Copper lost 0.86% Friday and closed at $3.42. After ending Friday's session at $871.3, Platinum lost $5.3 and is trading around $866.

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